NIE News

The National Institute of Education(NIE) News is a quarterly newsletter published by the National Institute of Development on latest news, developments and events at NIE.

Designed to maximise readability

The design is appealing to the readers with usage of images across the site yet simple in layout and navigation for ease of reading. User engagement is enhanced with the dynamic design applied.

Solid visual hierarchy

We applied a careful use of specific placement and sizes. Contents are organised and grouped according to the type of news with colour labels.

Compact archives

Sleek design that lists news issues in chronological order without grabbing too much attention.

Optimised usage of space

Users are able to view a large amount of news contents in one quick glance through an organised grid layout.

Accessible news

Readers are able to consume news on the go as contents are beautifully displayed to fit for all screen sizes.

The results

Since the launch of the revamped newsletter, the rate of traffic and mobile visitors have increased significantly.

Traffic spike in site visits and pages per visit

The percentage rate of visitors coming to the website increased by 267%, with more users interacting with the site at an average of 3 pages per visit.

Uplift in mobile traffic

There was a notable growth of 54% in mobile traffic since the launch of improved newsletter.